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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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violent protests lasted through the night.. following
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donald trump's presidential victory. we now know 30 people were arrested in oakland. police say they wrote several tickets.. for vandalism, guns, and assaults on an officer. earlier in the day.. protestors burned a trump effigy. we're told its a super mario pinata with trump's face on it. kpix 5's christin ayers has the latest.
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this crowd moved forward, severely outnumbers police even with all hands on deck we've brought in staffing. canceled days off. there's always a concern that a small portion with go in a direction that is negative where we see vandalism or assaults
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against officers. >> spray paint and broken windows on a bank. most came here to make a statement and send a message, they will not take this lying down >> i'm going to keep fighting this as much as i can. >> as you can see, a lot of damage left behind. 16 buildings were vandalized and one business was set on fire. the oakland police department says three officers were hurt but they're expected to be okay. >> protests turned violent across the country. 15 people arrested in new york city. in los angeles, thousands marched in the streets and shut down highway 101. we're told that some of the protesters were throwing barrels and cones at cars and they tried to set up a perimeter to get everyone under control. 13 people have been arrested.
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hundreds marched down market street. more than a thousand antitrump protesters shut down market street as they marched into the mission district. >> we need to organize and get ready and fight the fight we're going to have go against and potentially supreme court as well. >> emotions ran wild, some could barely keep from crying an all are terrified of what a donald trump presidency will look like. >> we're all going to pay. >> reporter: he hopes the decision energizes people instead of dividing them further. >> it doesn't matter what color you are or what gender you are
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or love, we need to respect each other. >> on election day -- >> what feels like a massive loss, they vow to band together and spread love not hate. >> a lot of good can come from all of us coming together. >> donald trump and wife traveled to washington today to meet with president obama and first lady michelle. trump and his transition team where there to help taking over the white house. >> we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our
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democracy. and over the next few month, we're going to show that to the world. >> trump stayed out of the public eye yesterday privately meeting with his staff to go over cabinet appointments. his transition team pledged to begin the task of renewing the american dream. trump and mike pence will meet today during their visit to washington d.c. time now, 4:36, taking a break from the political news and focus on good weather. >> it is beautiful. i think everybody has to agree. it's beautiful when the sunshines, this is unreal. spring has sprung. in the bay area, this is our live weather camera, we're looking out at an empty freeway. what happens if i transition this shot. a few drifting over the bay. temperature-wise, we're into the 50s and look around the bay,
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oakland 59, san francisco, 61. very mild conditions and it will dissipate and move out and we will be enjoying this right here. look at these number us it's more orange and red shaded area and we'll see temperatures topping off at near or record highs talking about 82 degrees in many of the inland locations. striking out at 80 degrees. 68 degrees at half moon bay. 70s around mountain view, otherwise, east bay numbers, 82 degrees at livemore. northeast and the humidity is going to be going down and some very dry conditions. you too in the upper 70s and low 80s. when you see 70 degrees, you know it's an indication of an off-shore flow, the winds are
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on the flat side there. we have the sunshine across oakland. 78 degrees today. couldn't ask for a better looking day. we have a change for your veteran's day forecast. right now over to rocky. >> thank you for that great news. it's 4:38, looking at the roads starting here in richmond, road work on 80 at mcbride should open up around 5:00 a.m., but we see some slowdowns in that area. looking good heading into the city. the bridge westbound, taking you about 20 minutes and the metering lights around 5:30 this morning. once you get into the city, northbound 101, there's a stalled dump truck blocking the right lane and we'll keep you
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posted. not causing delays. thank you. one man's reaction to the election turned a lot of heads in san francisco. he flew this nazi flag over his house he was trying to send a message about trump winning the election. he didn't think people would take it serious until his neighbors confronted him. >> i can see where you're coming from, that is the wrong impression. it makes it seem like you're supportive as nazi's. i don't get it. >> thank you. i really appreciate it. >> that neighbor told us she was upset over the form of
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political protest. >> i went across the street as soon as i saw it. i think that there is just general unease right now with trump being the president elect and i think if you woke up this morning and you're a woman, you're a jewish person, you're gay, you're a latino, you're a little on edge. so i felt uncomfortable. >> the homeowner did take down the extra flag and replaced it with a california rainbow flag. a study by ucfs suggests all of that staring of at our smart phones is bringing down the quality of our sleep. extended screen time could bring less rest. putting away their smart phones at night is not so easy.
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>> looking at your phone exposes you to blue light, it is alerting and can inhibit your sleep throughout the night. >> the study suggests that poor sleep can increase the risk of obesity and depression. many are thinking of moving to canada after the election, how easy is the process to get canadan citizenship? take a look. ,,
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take off for canada. but is it easier said than done? joe vazquez found out. since donald trump was elected, a lot of americans are threatening to take off for canada. is it easier said than done? >> the facebook reads let's go to canada offering to take friends across the border. >> is it serious? >> no, it's beautiful here, why
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would we leave california? >> it's nice to know there's a beautiful place like canada waiting for us. >> why would anyone want to move to canada, especially some isolated known for nothing place? >> there's a river, we can fish and farm. >> i think it's a bad idea. >> the canadan says it's a bad idea. >> i heard that the immigration web site in canada has crashed. >> there was an error message for hours for people investigating what it would take to move there. it would take thousands of hours of applications and lawyers and time. 6-months to a year to be processed it could take workers 95
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months, about the length of a two-term president. >> a lot of them are minorities or immigrants or part of the lbgt community. they were excited to go. >> some of the celebrities who said they were going to move were miley cyrus and snoop dogg, so far, everyone has stayed snoop praised california for passing prop 64. some are staying put and calling our state to succeed. their mission is trending on social media under the hash tag cal exit. it's about saving money. >> we don't think it's the greatest coincidence in the world that they lose money and
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has the highest taxes and can't afford schools properly and has the infrastructure failing. get another check of our beautiful weather. >> the hard part is when it's this dark this early in the morning. it's difficult to tell who is foggy, who is clear. our satellite doesn't pick that up. going one by one through the different observations, they've been boosted to see where the fog is. it's threing to make its way into the bay. it will probably march inland and then back off as the morning progresses. rise and shine. this is what i'm talking about. >> can you see the fog? >> i got up today and moved to new york. we could have some thin overcasts. highs in the 50s and low 60s.
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in santa rosa back to napa we're starting off with thin overcast and we'll have a combination of sun and high cloudiness. it will be cooler for your veteran's day and possible showers overnight leading into your saturday and this is the area of low pressure we've been talking about for three straight days now. this low has been spinning its wheels off of the coast. there's the frontal boundary line and the effect of clouds drifting in. here's what i'm talking about. here is the future cast and all the way into friday morning, we have the high, thin cloud cover and some of the fog that has been developing due to the high dew points the front spilling a few rain drops in the overnight hours. hillsboro, back into point ray and as the front produces, it
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falls a part. so no rain expected anywhere else. just in the overnight hours in the north bay. meanwhile, it's back up. 80s coming in throughout the valley. nearly 70 in the bay. 62 in the high sierra. i would like to talk about the current conditions because it's cold enough to make the snow and one week from today, many of the ski resorts will open their doors for the new winter season. 6:44 is our official sunrise >> we should be able to see it in most places otherwise, some fog along the coast. 70s and 80s near our record warmth. a little cooler for friday. look at the tuesday forecast, the latest model suggests we could see some rain showers. >> we'll brace ourselves. it is 4:48. looking tall roads. looking at the roads.
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westbound 80 in richmond at mcbride, it should be opening up in the next ten minutes or so. let's move onto the bay bridge toll plaza. otherwise, along the freeway, about 19 minutes and expect no delays as you head through the toll. however, once you get onto the bridge, you have some road work to worry about. watch out for the cones between san francisco, those three left lanes are closed and that should be opening up around 5:00 a.m. that did delay me from oakland. now onto san francisco, northbound 101, before cesar chavez, it's blocking the left lane and we'll let you know when it's cleared out. a look at the peninsula commute into foster city across the bridge. 880 to 101, a quick 15 minutes. thank you. veterans day around the corner,
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some former service people can't visit the memorials that mean the most to them. how virtual reality is bringing the special sites to their living room. >> >> perfect picture. >> reporter: joseph cook has seen a lot in his 92 years. the world war ii veteran flew missions in the army air corps ahead of the battle of okinawa. >> we had some scares up there. >> more than 70 years as past, but the memories are not faded. >> they paid the real price. i tell you, they're the real heros. >> cook wanted to visit the national world war ii memorial in washington d.c. but he's not healthy enough to make the trip. >> it's sad, we waited far too long to build the memorial and we're losing our veterans as a rate of 500 per day. >> this is your lucky day.
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>> it brings the memorials to ailing veterans. >> this is a way that they can feel like they were there. >> cook was able to finally see the monuments in 3d through the goggles >> this memorial is for him. i think to have him see that and to see the expression on his face, i know it meant the world to him. >> it's a new way to salute aging war heros. >> time now, the experts have weighedded in. they say that social media helped donald trump win the presidency. hear from them next. ,,
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the site is changing a few things, so when you click , it will open up a you could start getting a lot more facebook messages this week when you click on an ad it will open up a chat window to message advertisers directly. you can block messages you don't want to receive a top twitter executive announced he's leaving the company. he announced his decision in a series of tweet. the move comes as twitter faces challenges to add more users. it lost money last quarter and laid off employees last month. there are several factors in donald trump's better than expected performance, some think that the president elect may
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have perfected social media politics >> it's ironic that someone for 70 years old, with the first viral president and the first candidate to become president -- >> ben knows a lot of people watching in disbelief after all, trump's campaign was unconventional he thinks that the president elect may have reinvented politics for the age of social media. >> that's to activate emotions that makes them want to take action. >> it starts with language. >> when you have something like trump's wall. >> we're going to build a wall. >> you understand that in five seconds. >> short, sweet and too the point. >> don't worry about it. >> always to summarize the issue in a short amount of time. >> it line us up with twitter,
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brief, provokes emotional response. >> it's not dumbed down. it's more sophisticated and tapping into something in people. >> our decisions are made before we know we made them. >> how language affects our brain. they say that the conservative brain and liberal brain is different. >> the trump approach spoke perfectly to the conservative mind. >> for every problem, there's a straightforward, moral solution. >> he has an instinct to this. >> maybe the election was as simple as the the trump technique. throw out those short lines and set back and let 21st century
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media spread the word free of charge. >> it's simple, surprising and concrete >> hillary clinton told a new yorker trump came up with an easily understood story. opponents file a lawsuit. the details next. and things out of control during some trump protests last night in oakland. i'll tell you what happened. ,,,,
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center. and i'm kenny choi. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news . >> good morning everyone, it's thursday, november 10. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. let's take a look outside of conditions on this thursday
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morning as we take a live look at the bay bridge. all is quiet right now. >> yes and nice out there, right? out there it is nice but inside it is hot. >> no, it's called. [ laughter ] >> roberta and i like the studio really cold. >> we do. we like to feel invigorated. not called -- [ laughter ] >> that's why we fight every morning. [ laughter ] good morning everyone. as you're getting ready to kickstart your thursday, it's so mild out there. look at the rim of the bay with temps in the 50s and low 60s. 61 degrees in san francisco, 71 in our studio right now. meanwhile livermore, you dipped up -- down to 49 degrees as well as santa rosa. what i'm trying to keep an eye on is the area of fog. it's lifting anticipating and those are the temps we can expect today, near a record warm. 70 in rockaway beach with the sunshine. back


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